Our Generation


Ok I really had to write something about this as its been bugging me for ages. I’m 22 years old and our generation gets such bad press. Were known for being chavs, misfits, and generally causing trouble. Firstly… Just no. I know so many people that are around my age who have made such a positive difference to todays world. Everyone knows at least one younger person who has been/ is going on a gap year. Most of these gap years are spent abroad helping people that aren’t as fortunate as ourselves. I dont know very many older people (like my parents for example) that did this sort of thing as a young adult. Secondly… If the older generation think we are all so terrible, who do they think we got it from? If you raise a child correctly im pretty sure they wont be under a bridge injecting or nicking stuff from their local. I think we deserve some better press! Yes there are kids out there doing unspeakable things, but there always has been! Stop using kids as a scapegoat and start working together to show people the right way to do things! Preach it 🙂