Here I am!


So here I am. Blogging. For the first time ever. What do I even do here? Just like, write stuff about myself? Where should I even begin? My life is pretty crazy, i have the worlds best boyfriend for a start 🙂 so i pretty much have two familes (his and mine) and both sides are pretty freaking crazy. His family are northern and mine are southern. So im pretty stuck in the middle of the two. Geographically im pretty screwed anyway, we’ve lived in Germany and Cyprus as well as the UK so I have no idea which country im patriotic towards! Apart from my other half my dog Oscar has a massive piece of my heart. Pedigree border collie that is so cute you just wanna like eat him and stuff. So i’ve just had a massive upheavel in my life and im now living in the land of the yorkshire puddings… Sheffield! To be fair im loving it and starting my apprenticeship in Business and Admin in two weeks! Ohhhh yeaaah! So for now thats pretty much an intro into my life. There is so much more to say but i already have thumb ache so im gunna have to take this pretty slow. till next time kids! Over and out 🙂